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Hammer City Records is a small record store in a basement, but well worth going to a show at. The place can be jam packed with people and that sort of intimacy can be overwhelming, it also makes shows there different than anywhere else in Hamilton. As is typical for shows at Hammer City, there’s DJ’s to start, playing anything from soul to hardcore punk.

I arrived just as Sadie and the Wives were starting and didn’t get to see them because the room was so full. They sound like a punkier, more blown out version of The Middle Class mixed with songwriting of Blitz. Throw in the attitude of The Germs, and you can understand why they are popular. Can’t wait for their next release.

Muro, playing in Hammer City Records. Photo by Jon Kruithof

Got into the main room as people headed for fresh air, and got a better spot for Muro. Now it’s not often that you see a band doing a Canadian tour, so if you see them in your town, definitely go see them. Energetic hardcore, with a maybe some classic Colombian punk influence (thinking about I.R.A.), but add in some post-punk songwriting elements, which really help to differentiate between songs, instead of a sheer assault with a wall of noise (not a bad thing at all!) you get melodic moments, short interludes that reset your ears. By the end of the first song everyone was drenched with sweat.

Muro at Hammer City Records. Photo by Jon Kruithof.

I can’t compare them to anyone specifically, but they mix a variety of influences from World Burns to Death to more melodic, post-punk sounds. Really, really a band not to miss. Hell, I was exhausted this week and got out to see them, so you have no real excuse, unless you’re stuck in a hospital bed miles away.

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