General Admission is Closed

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This was a fucker to put together. Last episode I used a mic plugged directly into the computer to do the voice over. No problem. This time, static. No problem, I purchased a wireless mic to do on the spot video stuff (to replace the previous wireless mic that shit the bed). This one has a TRRS to TRS (basically the iPhone connector to the standard mini connector) cable — which I plugged into my Tascam recorder. The TRRS to TRS cable is not working. So I had to half jack it in, which is not the most stable connection. To get it to my computer, I tried a USB transfer, to no avail. I pulled the micro SD card, grabbed an adapter, then couldn’t find my USB card reader. The old card reader lit up, but wouldn’t read it. Took it to the shitty Dell laptop I bought used for $200 about 6 years ago, and it’s doing a Windows update. Finally dump the WAV file from the card to cloud storage, come back to the desktop and edit. Hope it turned out worth it. I’ve also been editing the voice over less, let me know if it makes a difference.

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Songs Played on the Podcast:

Gaunt — Jim Motherfucker

New Bomb Turks — Jim Motherfucker

New Bomb Turks — Eyes of Satan

Pagans — Eyes of Satan

Pere Ubu — Life Stinks

New Bomb Turks — Life Stinks

Hawkwind — Ejection

New Bomb Turks — Ejection

Robert Calvert — Ejection

Devil Dogs — Radiobeat

New Bomb Turks — Radiobeat

New Bomb Turks — Spanish Rose

Cheater Slicks — Spanish Rose

X —Good On Ya Baby

New Bomb Turks — Good On Ya Baby

New Bomb Turks — Do The Pop

Radio Birdman — Do The Pop

The Left — Fuck It

New Bomb Turks — Fuck It

New Bomb Turks — Job

Nubs — Job

Wire — Mr. Suit

New Bomb Turks — Mr. Suit

New Bomb Turks — Just Head

Nervous Eaters — Just Head

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