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These are some notes about, and the songs played, in this podcast. Released, well, eight days late. Whoops!

Simply Saucer — Illegal Bodies

excerpt from an interview with Edgar Breau (full interview here)

It only seemed appropriate that I would give Simply Saucer their due here, because well, they are just now, forty something years later, getting their proper acknowledgement. Like the Velvet Underground (without the appropriate fanfare later), Simply Saucer were early to the gate and were underrated for years. Thankfully, the band has kept at it, it’s fans have kept at it and that hard work is starting to pay off with some recognition of their importance in Hamilton’s history and Canada’s history.

Teenage Head — Picture My Face

Dream Dates — Moans on the Phone

Forgotten Rebels — Fuck Me Dead

The Shakers — All I Want

excerpt from an interview with Frankie Venom (full interview here)

I wanted to do a bit of a theme (love/sex) within a theme (Hamilton 1970s). I think it works on a couple of levels, the wanting aspect of the songs really are what Hamilton in the 70’s and 80’s epitomized as an object, wanting to be Toronto, but never getting to be it (unless you count the oft-repeated Toronto’s Brooklyn circa 2016, that is). Hamilton has always been a city that’s tried to punch above it’s weight, tried to be more than it is, and struggled with that understanding that it’s a second class city, but wanting to be more. Only until recently, when it started to understand that it’s never going to be Toronto, and never should be, it’s become, I think, OK with the fact it’s not every going to be Chicago (that’s Toronto already!), and it’s fine with being Cleveland.

Slander — Rockin on Main Street

Problem Children — Thrashing With Your Parents

Dik Van Dykes — Curling

Wet Spots — Fighting A War

Rabid Defiance — Children Always Suffer

Trying to think about Hamilton in the 80’s, is a bit traumatic. I got into punk in 1986, during the rise of nazi skinheads in this city. As a 14 year old child, I had my ass handed to me several times. The 80’s weren’t particularly kind to punk in Hamilton, although, many of the bands that were still going (Forgotten Rebels, Teenage Head) continued playing in some form or another. Despite the bleak nature of downtrodden downtown, as suburban malls were sprouting up and the city’s expansion beyond Mohawk Road (then Stonechurch, then up to Rymal) was exponential, there was a bunch of kids getting into it, reading Maximumrocknroll whenever it was available at Record World, and trying to get into the Corktown or Bannisters to see bands play. That story will unfold in a future podcast.

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