General Admission is Closed

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Gag – Still Laughing LP

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Gag – Killing For Both Realities 3 ’92 LP

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Iron Lung- Brutal Supremacy (Brutal Supremacy compilation on Iron Lung Records

Suppression — Elite/Stranglehold/Enema (Despise You split)

Greber — These Roads (Kiln hardened Psalms)

The Body & Braveyoung — Song One (The Body & Braveyoung collaboration CD)

Nomeansno — Forget your Life (Mama)

No Age — Boy Void (Weirdo Rippers)

Heart Attack Kids — Probably Not Important (self titled 7” EP)

Artificial Dissemination — I Liked U Better When U Were Dead (Past Present Future CD)

HIRS — Fuck Everything (split with Water Torture)

Big Business — O.G. (Head for the Shallows)

Deathsticks — Mountain Men (Deathstyx Cassette)

Mach Tiver — Nameless (2001 demo)

Yellow Swans — Foiled (Going Places)

Lightning Bolt — Mohawk Windmill (Hypermagic Mountain)

Sax Ruins — Warrido (Blimmguass CD)

Godhead Silo — Nuts To You (Scientific Supercake LP)


Fuck, just when you think you’re making progress, life gets in the way. This has been an utterly shit month, with car and now, bathroom needing some serious money poured into it. I had planned a couple of good things to go along with this episode — one of which may still end up happening so I’ll stay quiet about that. The other, is I did ask Jamie and Shawna from Artificial Dissemination about being a two-piece, which was a good 15 minutes of talking from them about, among other things, the benefits of being a compact unit, less disagreements, more freedom and in general, if you can get away with it it’s a good deal. Of course, I lost the second audio clip that had that on it. I do have a great audio clip of me getting levels and Jamie announcing he was going for a beer.

Of course all is not lost, Shawna sent me this the next day (the classic, you always remember the brilliant idea after the perfect time to say it):

We are not a 2 piece, there’s just 2 of us.

Maybe that’s even better than what was said? You’ll never know (and we’ll never remember).

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