General Admission is Closed

I wanted to start a thing that would’ve given me a chance to give back to a scene that I care for deeply. I wanted to expose stuff to people, and …

Gag – Still Laughing LP

Hey, so the thing that I hate about a lot of recent hardcore bands is that they almost to a single band, drench their vocals in reverb, making them a unintelligible …

Gag – Killing For Both Realities 3 ’92 LP

A collection of releases all in one place and serves as a pretty good introduction to the band – starting off with a wail of feedback and off and running with …

What Not To Buy on Record Store Day 2020 (August)

I try to every Record Store Day, sift through the absolute dreck of releases and list what you should and shouldn’t buy – of course my tastes lead me to only …


So this episode was supposed to be up four or five days ago, but fuck, SoundCloud only had 15 minutes left available to me. So after looking around, for the same price to upgrade SoundCloud, I chose PodBean. Now, to change all the other pointers to the old hosting. If you don’t see it on iTunes, Stitcher and elsewhere, let me know (e-mail, Twitter, or in the comments below) and I’ll get it fixed asap. Here’s the ‘cast and the notes are below.

Apparently, neither Podbean nor Medium are interested in embedding a podcast from Podbean, so fuck it, here’s a link:


Z Cars theme

Z Cars — Girls Aren’t Just Girls

The Saints — No Time

Dead Boys — Ain’t Nothing To Do (live)

Teenage Head — Disgusteen (live Q107 simulcast from 1978)

WITCH — Tooth Factory (off Lazy Bones)

Ngozi Family Everything Is Over (off 45,000 Volts)

Amanaz — Making The Scene (off Africa)

Question Mark — Freaking Out (off Nigeria Rock Special compilation)

Mulatu Astatke — Yèkèrmo Sèw (from New York-Addis-London)

Getachew Mekuria — song 1 (off

Getachew Mekuria & The Ex — Ethiopia Hagere (off Moa Anbessa CD)

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