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I wanted to start a thing that would’ve given me a chance to give back to a scene that I care for deeply. I wanted to expose stuff to people, and …

Gag – Still Laughing LP

Hey, so the thing that I hate about a lot of recent hardcore bands is that they almost to a single band, drench their vocals in reverb, making them a unintelligible …

Gag – Killing For Both Realities 3 ’92 LP

A collection of releases all in one place and serves as a pretty good introduction to the band – starting off with a wail of feedback and off and running with …

What Not To Buy on Record Store Day 2020 (August)

I try to every Record Store Day, sift through the absolute dreck of releases and list what you should and shouldn’t buy – of course my tastes lead me to only …

George Floyd protests in Washington DC

RIP George Floyd. RIP Trayvon Martin. RIP Michael Brown. RIP Eric Garner. RIP Philandro Castile. RIP Breonna Taylor. RIP Sean Moterrosa. RIP Jamel Floyd. RIP Andres Guardado. RIP Anthony Armenta. RIP Rayshard Brooks. RIP Sean Monterrosa. RIP David McAtee. RIP Javar Harrell. RIP Italia Kelly. None of these people should be dead. Black Lives Matter.

  • The Dicks – Anti Klan (Kill From The Heart LP)
  • The Fartz – Take a Stand (Against the Klan) (World Full of Hate LP)
  • Assfactor 4 – Thanks Kelly (Smoked Out 7″ EP)
  • Discharge – State Violence/State Control (Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing CD – expanded tracks)
  • Anti-Cimex – Set Me Free (Raped Ass 7″ EP)
  • Forward – Set Me Free (Just Go Forward to Death LP)
  • Powerage – Freedom (Protest To Survive 7″ EP)
  • Krakdown – Freedom (Krakdown EP)
  • Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack – Your Good Thing Is About To Come To An End (self titled LP)
  • Flesh Rag – Watch It Burn (Stay Away 7″ EP)
  • G.L.O.S.S. – Fight (Trans Day of Revenge 7″ EP)
  • Gasmask Terror – Traditions Must Die (self titled LP)
  • 4-Skins – A.C.A.B. (The Wonderful World of… LP)
  • Haram – بوليص امريكي American Police (بس ربحت, خسرت When You Have Won, You Have Lost LP)
  • Raw Power – Police, Police (You Are The Victim LP)
  • Gordon Solie Motherfuckers – Open Letter To The Cleveland Police (Power Bomb Anthems Vol. 1 10″ EP)

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