General Admission is Closed

I wanted to start a thing that would’ve given me a chance to give back to a scene that I care for deeply. I wanted to expose stuff to people, and …

Gag – Still Laughing LP

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Gag – Killing For Both Realities 3 ’92 LP

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This podcast was created in the shortest month of the year, and thank fuck for that. February in Canada can be bleak, unrelenting and well, leave you a little stranger. That’s probably what happened with this one. After the fact, it’s the sort of thing I want to do more of, this deep dive through a riff or just linking up random things and seeing where it goes. This one, I’ve been working on since September or so, off and on, just to give you a sense of the scope of how long it takes one person to serendipitously fall into a podcast idea.

Here’s the playlist.

Ornette Coleman — Lovely Woman

His Hero Is Gone — Professional Mindfuckers

Eddie Cochran — Somethin Else

Flamin’ Groovies — Somethin’ Else (California Born And Bred)

The Move — Fire Brigade

Arnold Corns — Hang On To Yourself

David Bowie — Hang On To Yourself (John Peel Session 16th May 1972)

Sex Pistols — God Save the Queen

Ramones — Listen To My Heart

Cheap Trick — She’s Tight

Fear — Let’s Have A War

Sex Pistols — God Save The Queen 12″ extended remix (Neil Barnes)

MT-40 Casiotone “Rock”

Wayne Smith — Under Mi Sleng Teng

John Wayne — Call the Police

Super Morris — Under Mi Peter Green

Sigue Sigue Sputnik — Love Missile F1–11

Pop Will Eat Itself — Love Missile F1–11

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