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This is simply the hardest one of these yet, with it taking over a month extra of work it seems. There was a death in the family, my father, that’s taken some time away from personal projects. Nonetheless, death isn’t an excuse. Here’s the playlist:

Anti-Cimex – Heroindod

Lädernunnan ‎– Ensam I Natt

Sabotage 81 ‎– Snutslakt

Bizek-B – Riot in the 80s

Revolt  ‎– Fritt Spelrum

T.S.T. ‎– The Clash

Attentat ‎– Ser Dej

Ebba Grön – Heroinsister & Kontorister

The Rude Kids ‎– Stadsbarn

Zäpo ‎– Fodd Kanonmat

Kontaktlim ‎– Kom Igen

Kramp ‎– Disciplin

M.A.P. (Maanalainen Pelastusarmeija) ‎– Mellaka

Appendix – Panniikkia 

Terveet Kadet – Pissa Ja Passka

City-X ‎– Politi – Militær

Electric Deads ‎–30 Years

Freshly Riots ‎– World of Tomorrow

Betong Hysteria – Snutan Kommer

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