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green dilapidated van

This podcast unveiled an interesting thing: the song “Police Car” – originally I added only the Members’ version of it – but as I was listening, it sounded familiar. Turns out that was a fake memory, but it was a cover version of Larry Wallis (turns out there’s a 7 minute version of the song too). I would’ve added Regulations – Police Car as well if I thought I could make it work. Ah well. Thanks, serendipity for that diversion that I think makes doing the show super fun.

Here’s the playlist:

  • Big Boys – Frat Cars
  • Dead Kennedys – Police Truck
  • Battalion of Saints – Hell’s Around the Next Corner
  • Black Flag – Drinking and Driving
  • Agent Orange – Bloodstains
  • Clash – Brand New Cadillac
  • Teenage Head – Top Down
  • Avengers – Car Crash
  • Angry Samoans – Hot Cars
  • Teengenerate – My GTO
  • The Dwarves – Back Seat of My Car
  • Zero Boys – Drive In
  • Channel 3 – Cars Drive By
  • Buzzcocks – Fast Cars
  • UK Subs – I Live In A Car
  • The Ex – Human Car
  • The Ex – A Motorbike in Afrika
  • The Members – Police Car
  • Fiendens Musik – Snutbil
  • Larry Wallis – Police Car
  • The Abused – Z Cars
  • Sub Kids – Boots on Cars
  • Tear It Up – Thrash Wagon
  • Deathreat – Four Billion Car Pile Up on the Information Superhighway
  • Submachine – Suicide Drive

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