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It’s late and this one is pretty straightforward. Part one of potentially a few discussing how great 1982 was and how pivotal it was worldwide for punk and hardcore.

Photo courtesy of Andreas Bohnenstengel

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Show Notes:

Adicts — Eyes In The Back of your Head

SLF — Touch and Go

UK Subs — Endangered Species

Mau Maus — The Oath

Infa Riot — The Winner

Mayhem — Dog’s Body

The Insane — El Salvador

One Way System — Stab The Judge

Chaotic Dischord — Fuck the World

Xpozez — 10,000 Marching Feet

Omega Tribe — Is This A Future

Poison Girls — Soft Touch

A Heads — Dying Man

Conflict — Blind Attack

Red Cross — Linda Blair

Wipers — Romeo

Sin 34 — Die Laughing

Bad Religion — Oligarchy

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