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Apologies for the show notes going up late. Forgot them in draft in my workflow… anyways now that I’m back in the saddle, it should be less irregular than it’s been the last six months. On a personal note, 1982 was four years before 1986, the year I got into punk. I don’t really recall what I would be doing as a 8/9 year old at that time. I think I was in grade 4, just been diagnosed as a diabetic and well, making new friends after a move to what Hamiltonians call the Mountain (which is not, in fact a mountain). Maybe I learned how to ride a bike? Huge difference over the next four years…. Here’s what I played during the show:

Bad Brains — Sailin On

Indigesti — Mai

Wretched — Fini In Fondo

Attak — Murder In The Subway

The Expelled — No Life No Future

The Lewd — Justice/Liberty

RF7 — Fall In

Fuck Ups — I Think You’re Shit

Lockjaw — Pop Your Head

Ultimo Resorte — Cementario Caliente/Peligro Social

Lixomania — Violência & Sobrevivência

Skitslickers — Leader (Of The Fuckin Assholes)

OHL — Belsen war en KZ

Riistetyt — Toimiiko Tää Systeemi

Kaaos — Mellakkaa

Rattus — Sodan Tragedia

Kohu 63 — Sotaa

Lama — Tänään Kotona

Bastards — Huominen Tulee, Painajainen Alkaa

Disagree with what I’ve said? Can’t believe that I didn’t include your favourite 1982 hardcore band? Did I miss something crucial? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter, or via e-mail.

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