General Admission is Closed

I wanted to start a thing that would’ve given me a chance to give back to a scene that I care for deeply. I wanted to expose stuff to people, and …

Gag – Still Laughing LP

Hey, so the thing that I hate about a lot of recent hardcore bands is that they almost to a single band, drench their vocals in reverb, making them a unintelligible …

Gag – Killing For Both Realities 3 ’92 LP

A collection of releases all in one place and serves as a pretty good introduction to the band – starting off with a wail of feedback and off and running with …

What Not To Buy on Record Store Day 2020 (August)

I try to every Record Store Day, sift through the absolute dreck of releases and list what you should and shouldn’t buy – of course my tastes lead me to only …


In the middle of each month, I’ll do up a radio style podcast, we’ll see if that is still fun after a few and if it makes sense in my busy life. Hopefully it’ll be up on Stitcher and TuneIn, iTunes as soon as I can figure out their podcast management stuff, and elsewhere as people ask for it.

For this podcast, it’s been all about looking back at the recent past and playing some bands that did the best stuff in 2017. Here’s the links to the stuff I played:

Artificial Dissemination — Walt Disney Was A Nazi (Big Brother and the Dickheads 7” EP):

Sick of Shit — Life in Debt (Fuck You Volume 1 7” EP):

Snake Charmer — #2 (Drugs and the State 7” EP):

System System — Zero Light Emission (Isolation 12” EP):

Backbiters — Sourdough (self titled CD):

Flesh Rag — I’m Sick (Summer of Bummer Tour CS):

Sweet Dave and the Shallow Graves — Gonna Die (Mental Jails CS):

Una Bestia Incontrolable — Abric De Plom (Metamorphosi LP):

The Cowboy — The River (The Cowboy Album LP):

Haram — Eye For An Eye (When You Have Won, You Have Lost LP):

Eel — Always Never (Night Parade of 100 Demons LP):

Glue — Hunger (self titled 12”):

Limp Wrist — They Tell Me (Facades LP):

No Faith — Smash White Supremacy/Searching To No Avail/Beauracratic Channels(Forced Subservience LP):

Primitive Man — Victim (Caustic 2xLP):

Condition — Signed in Blood (Subjugated Fate 7”):

Exit Unit — Sound The Trumpets (self titled 7”):

Long Knife — The Tower (Sewers of Babylon 7” EP):

Acrylics — Reassurance (Despair 7” EP):

Xylitol — Police Is Brutality (Is Toxic To Pigs 7” EP):

Teenage Head — Disgusteen (Fun Comes Fast 2xLP):

Husker Du — Signals From Above (Savage Young Du boxset):

Sterile Mind — Walk Alone (2017 tour tape):

Cavity — Damaged IV (Supercollider LP):

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