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So as with all the stay at home stuff happening, there’s been a lot of the viral quizzes and while I like them, I always wonder what the thinking was around in getting to the winner. So I’ll do this one, feel free to show your work below in the comments..

Left Brackets:

Exploited vs GBH: GBH did crossover correct, but maybe the Exploited did it better on Death Before Dishonour. Still, GBH knew when to quit. Winner: GBH

Dead Kennedys vs Varukers: Cripes, this is no contest. The Varukers are the second best band to play this style. Dead Kennedys should never have played post-Jello. Winner: Dead Kennedys

Sham 69 vs Sex Pistols: No contest. Sham were important, but can’t stack a candle to Sex Pistols. Winner: Sex Pistols

Misfits vs TSOL: Misfits post-Danzig vs. TSOL hair metal? Winner: Misfits

Bad Brains vs Cock Sparrer: Do I even have to compare these two? Winner: Bad Brains

Discharge vs Adolescents: While the Adolescents have some good songs, and Discharge have Grave New World.. still… Discharge. Winner: Discharge

Social Distortion vs The Damned: Is this even a question? Half baked BBQ punk or The Damned? Winner: The Damned

Circle Jerks vs D.R.I.: Ooof. This is the first really really difficult one. I think I’m going to lean toward D.R.I. even though I’ll be more likely to play Circle Jerks these days. Winner: D.R.I.

Right Brackets:

Vandals vs Black Flag: Not even a second long discussion. Winner Black Flag.

Minor Threat vs Buzzcocks: Now this is tough, Minor Threat knew when to quit, whereas Buzzcocks were really important to the development of punk. I’m partial to hardcore over punk bands… Winner: Minor Threat.

Crass vs The Clash: Well both bands, Crass with 10 Notes on a Summer Day, The Clash with Cut The Crap, shat on their own output. I lean towards the more radical. Winner: Crass

The Germs vs Bad Religion: Overrated against, well, overrated? I guess I’ll take overrated and quit at their peak. Winner: The Germs

Vice Squad vs X: I’m assuming it’s the X from Los Angeles, and while I prefer Vice Squad, I think X is the more important band. Winner: X

Fear vs D.I.: Can I say neither? Winner: Fear

Suicidal Tendencies vs Ramones: So we’re putting a crossover band who had some mainstream success, against the most influential band in the 1970’s and 1980’s? Winner: Ramones

Descendants vs The Adicts: It’s a strange one, both bands have probably overstayed their welcome – so it comes down to personal preference. Winner: Descendants

Left Brackets: Second Round

GBH vs Dead Kennedys: For me, I have no attachment to GBH, but Dead Kennedys were hugely influential. Winner Dead Kennedys

Sex Pistols vs Misfits: Ohhhh, this sucks. I like the Misfits more, but think that the Sex Pistols are more important in the grand scheme of things. Winner: Sex Pistols

Bad Brains vs Discharge: I deeply love each band, which are flawed throughout their careers, but for me… it’s pretty clear. Winner: Bad Brains

The Damned vs D.R.I.: This is tough too – Damned Damned Damned vs. Dealing With It? Winner: The Damned.

Right Brackets: Second Round

Black Flag vs Minor Threat: Dang, it’s only going to get more difficult isn’t it? There’s a hair’s breath between the two bands really. I could knock Black Flag for the recent damage they’ve done to the band, but the majesty of Nervous Breakdown, Damaged and My War make a lot of the mistakes able to be overlooked. Winner: Black Flag

Crass vs The Germs: Easy. Winner: Crass

X vs Fear: Another easy one, the band who incited slamdancers on Saturday Night Live, over the lukewarm rockabilly. Winner: Fear

Ramones vs Descendants: Uhhh, yeah. Winner: Ramones

Left Brackets: Quarterfinal

Dead Kennedys vs Sex Pistols: Yup, it gets tougher. Dead Kennedys, three good albums, and several great singles. Sex Pistols, one great album, some dodgy stuff after. Winner: Dead Kennedys

Bad Brains vs The Damned: Ouch, this is difficult. Both bands have lesser albums with a couple great ones. For my money, which is tending towards the hardcore side… Winner: Bad Brains

Right Brackets: Quarterfinal

Black Flag vs Crass: Pure nihilism against undying hope. Under quarantine, I know where I end up. Winner: Black Flag

Fear vs Ramones: No chance; even Lee Ving would vote against himself. Winner: Ramones


Bad Brains vs Dead Kennedys: This is a tough one, do I go for the emotional connection and Dead Kennedys, who were the first real connection with a band that I had. Or the one that changed my ears after hearing the ROIR tape? Tough decision. Winner: Bad Brains

Black Flag vs Ramones: There is no loser in this one, only the one that moves on. I love the lunkhead lyrics from the Ramones, and they at least never put out a record called What The? Winner: Ramones


Bad Brains vs Ramones: Do I care more about consistency throughout a career, or the heights of one great release? Ramones are far more consistent and put out at least three, maybe four great records. While Bad Brains put out, in my opinion, the best hardcore record, does it overcome God of Love or any of the oddball antics of HR? Does Johnny’s terrible political views influence my opinion? Does the oddball drug deal gone bad of the Bad Brains in Texas in 1983 (against some of the nicest folks ever in the Big Boys) influence my decision? Maybe. I guess it comes down to which band would I rather listen to. Winner: Bad Brains.

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