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old compilation tapes

I’ve talked a bit about growing up in punk in the mid-80’s after the classics (Minor Threat, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys) broke up. The one enduring thing was that the bunch of us, and our network of penpal friends from elsewhere would always do up a mixtape. The mixtape was a glorious thing, and several of us got really really good at finding a topic and milking it for a themed side of a mixtape. A favourite of mine was through a British penpal who did up a Life/Death mixtape: starting with Subhumans — I Don’t Want To Die on the Life side and ending with Rudimentary Peni-Death Hearse on the Death side.

So seeing as it’s close to September, I thought it might be fun to do a mixtape for those heading back to school. All these songs are about learning or school in some way, and well you’ll see. I don’t anticipate doing a ton of mixtapes; like the podcast it takes a bit of time to squeeze these together. Periodically, I’ll do a themed thing. I’ve got some old tapes that I’ve been digitizing so I’ll try to throw something on these mixes that aren’t immediately well known.


Redd Kross — I Hate My School

Bl’ast! — School’s Out

Ramones — I Don’t Wanna Be Learned, I Don’t Wanna Be Tamed (Demo)

Die Kreuzen — In School

Void — Void — Think

Anti System — Schoolboy

rattus — miesten koulu

Withdrawn — Back To School

Dead Kennedys — Straight A’s

HUL — Skole

Problem Children — The Future Is Now

MDC — I Remember

Necros — I Hate My School

Crude SS — Ingen Skola

Direct Control — De-Educate

Scholastic Deth — Killed By School

School Jerks — High School

Really Red — Teaching You The Fear

Scared Straight — School

Code of Honor — Education

Maniacs — One Way Education

Big Boys — Frat Cars

JFA — Out Of School

Necros — Public High School

Hüsker Dü — Guns at My School (Live)

The Replacements — Fuck School

Mission Of Burma — Academy Fight Song

Nation Of Ulysses — Cool Senior High School (Fight Song)

Diet Cola —Early Learning

Charles Bronson — I Go To School

Out Cold — You’ll Never Learn

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